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About Us

At Maine Furniture Co, we travel the globe working directly with skilled artisans to craft unique pieces which can only be found with us. We can be certain of this because all of our products are designed and developed in house.

We are well travelled, and our brand look and feel is driven by our love for Provence & the French Riviera, as well as classic English Country and New England style. It's not difficult to see how the styles work so well together to create a welcome oasis.  

Our brand is founded on the belief that home furnishings should be Natural, Neutral, Sustainable & Affordable.


We have made a commitment to the Earth's resources by using only the finest natural timbers, materials and fibres.


Our products are made strictly in neutral colour tones. Not that we have anything against colour, rather that we love our homes to feel calming and settled.


We will only buy from factories operating under strict timber licensing to ensure reforestation is at the heart of the supply chain. We will only buy timbers, fabrics and other materials from ethical and sustainable sources. Our factories are vetted for the way they treat their workforce and their supply chain. These things matter deeply to us.


Our founders begun on this adventure when buying their first home together, and found that the only options to furnish a home were highstreet (cheap) stores or extremely (exclusive) expensive boutiques. We decided we would make the best (not the best in class, the best) products we could, without cutting corners on materials or designs, and we would cut out the expensive traditional wholesalers and retailers. In doing so, we can deliver the best products direct from source to's simple.

We are a family run business, and inspiration is easy. We simply share with you our dream for how a home should look and feel. It is how we live in our own homes, and we invite you to share our world. From our family to yours.