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Terms & Conditions

Legal Identity

This website is owned and operated by:
Maine Furniture Co Ltd
Registered UK Office;
Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA

Company registration number: 8942486

If you need to contact us, please email us at:

Throughout the website, we reserve the right to refer to 'the company' or 'Maine Furniture Co' as 'Maine'


"The Seller" means Staker Group Ltd t/a Maine Furniture Co.
"The Buyer" means the person, partnership, firm or company which places the order with the seller.
"The goods" means the article, things or items described in the order.
"The Order" means the order placed by the buyer for the supply of the goods.
Maine reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you and the changes will take place on the day they are posted. Any such changes will be posted on our website, and they overwrite any previous, becoming applicable to existing Buyers.

Trade Accounts

Maine requires evidence of business trading before supplying any potential Trade Buyer. The Buyer must provide documentary proof (i.e. Vat Certificate, Business invoices, etc.), as well as a fully completed Maine trade application form, which can be found on our website

The Seller reserves the right to reject any application they feel is not ‘bona fide’ trade. The Seller reserves the right to cancel trade accounts without notice. The Seller reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Purchase Of Product

The Seller requires a minimum order value of £500.00 + vat for all orders placed.
Please note when you place an order for items that are in stock, the stock will automatically be allocated to you and held. Orders placed for items that are out of stock will be kept on record on your Maine trade account, and the items will then be dispatched to you when they arrive back into stock.

Please note that where we are offering a 'pre-sale & collect' service, we require an accumulated minimum monthly spend of £1000 in order to keep an account open. We review all customer spend quarterly, and close accounts unable to reach this level of turnover, which is intrinsic to our trading model. 

Design & Characteristics

We may occasionally alter or slightly change the design of items. We will not accept these as faults. The majority of our furniture is hand crafted and finished, and therefore sizes are only offered as a guide. We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.

Price & Payment

Payment is strictly pro-forma. All new Buyers are required to pay pro-forma by either cash, debit/credit card or bankers draft (unless prior arrangement has been agreed with the Seller). We accept all major credit and debit cards. A service charge of 1.5% +vat is made for all Credit cards however.
The Price shall be that in the Seller’s current List Price, or such other Price as the Seller may agree in writing with the Buyer beforehand.

In the event of any special payment terms or credit facilities being offered, payment will be due within the period of time stated and agreed in writing (email or otherwise) or verbally. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of supply and possible permanent termination of trade account and privileges. 


The Seller warrants that it has good title to the Goods.
The risk in the Goods shall pass from the Seller to the Buyer upon delivery of the Goods to the Buyer. However, title of the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until the Seller has received cash or cleared funds in full for all Goods delivered
to the Buyer under this and all other contracts between the Seller and the Buyer for which payment of the Goods has not been paid. Until ownership of the Goods has passed to the Buyer, the Buyer shall:
(a) hold the Goods on a fiduciary basis as the Seller’s bailee;
(b) store the Goods (at no cost to the Seller) separately from all the other goods of any third party in such a way as they remain identifiable as the Seller’s property;
(c) not destroy, deface or obscure any identifying mark or packaging on or relating to the Goods; and
(d) maintain the Goods in satisfactory condition and keep them insured on the Seller’s behalf for their full price against all risks to the reasonable satisfaction and, on request from the Seller, produce the policy of insurance to the Seller.
The Buyer’s right to possession of the Goods shall terminate automatically and immediately if the Buyer ceases to trade, becomes insolvent or unable to pay its debts within the meaning of the insolvency legislation applicable to that party or shall enter into liquidation whether voluntarily or compulsorily (other than for the purposes of a reconstruction or amalgamation) or shall make any arrangement or composition with its creditors or shall suffer the making of an administration order in respect of all or part of its assets or suffersany similar action in consequence of a debt. In the case of any such event, the Buyer acknowledges that the Seller shall have the right to recover the Goods or any proceeds from the sale of the Goods forthwith and pending such recovery, but notwithstanding that the terms shall continue to apply,
any proceeds from the sale of the Goods (whether received before or after the relevant event) shall be placed in a separate account which is identified as for the exclusive benefit of the Seller.
Maine operates a 'Retention Of Title' clause meaning that goods become the property of the Buyer only upon full settlement of invoice for those goods. In the vent of bankruptcy, insolvency, voluntary or involuntary liquidation or other, and in the event of refusal to settle any outstanding sums of money owed to the Seller, the Buyer reserves the right to retrieve goods supplied by them or by anybody else to the value of monies outstanding.


The Seller’s minimum invoice value for delivery UK and Ireland, apart from the Scottish Highlands, some areas of Ireland and Northern Ireland, is £500.00 + vat (subject to account type). These areas may require a minimum invoiced value of £1500 + vat.
Buyer’s premises must have good road access which facilitates the maneuver of an articulated vehicle to within close proximity of the delivery point. The drivers may be unaccompanied and may require assistance with unloading.
Please note our Insurance only covers us for delivery to your door and does not extend to moving items inside your property. Therefore, the Seller is not liable for any damages caused by drivers carrying stock into the Buyer’s premises. Drivers must remain with their vehicle and must not leave the vehicle unattended.
All of the Seller’s vehicles operate a multi-drop facility, therefore it is not possible to state an exact delivery time.
The seller will not deliver to the buyer at a private/residential address unless in exceptional circumstances where the access is good and/or to do so is beneficial to the seller. We require deliveries to be made to 'bona fide' commercial premises.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any delivery times specified by the Seller in its quotation or otherwise, are business estimates only and the Seller will not be liable to the Buyer for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential) sustained by the Buyer as a result of the Seller's failure to comply with such delivery times.
The Seller shall have the right to cancel or to reduce the volume of goods delivered if they are prevented from or hindered in delivery of the goods through any circumstances beyond their control including (but not limited to) industrial action, war, fire or prohibition or enactment of any kind, without incurring any liability for any loss or damage.
In the event that the buyer fails to unload the goods within 1 hour of their arrival at the Buyers premises or such other destinations as notified to the seller at the time of placing the order, the buyer shall be liable to the seller for the additional costs incurred by the seller. The seller shall not be liable to the buyer for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from any delay in delivery.
The Seller will deliver to any designated shipper within mainland UK. The minimum invoice delivery value is £500+vat. All delivery/freight costs after UK delivery are to be borne by the Buyer. For large orders the Seller can pack and load full containers on site.
The Buyer, or a representative of The Buyer providing identification, may collect goods from our premises. Dates and Times for collection must be approved in writing by The Company prior to arranging collection. Should The Buyer arrive on site to collect goods after failing to seek approval first, The Company wilt not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from delays or failed collections.

Returns, Damages & Uplifts

The Buyer must inspect the condition of the goods immediately upon receipt and report in writing, within 72 hours from such inspection, via the sellers website returns form, to the seller of any damages or discrepancies of goods. If the buyer fails to give such notice the condition of the said goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract and the buyer shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly. Please ensure the persons unwrapping the items are very careful to keep the packaging intact. This is essential in preventing the items being damaged on return. Under no circumstances can we accept returns that do not have their original packaging.
The Seller is unable to accept returns for items that have not been delivered by Maine. The Seller will not be held responsible for any damages incurred via a third party carrier/couriers including own transport. All goods must be checked within 24 hours before transporting on to end user. The Seller will not accept items returned for credit (except for manufacturing faults) when the buyer has used a third party carrier to collect or deliver goods, including own transport. It is recommended that the Buyer ensures any transport companies, collecting or delivering on the Buyer’s behalf, have the necessary insurance in place.
Goods are not accepted by the Seller for return from the Buyer without the prior consent of the Seller.
All delivery notes must be signed and name printed by the Buyer and the driver delivering the order. In the event that the quantity of goods delivered falls short or exceeds the quantity specified on the delivery note, the actual quantity unloaded shall be recorded on the delivery note and countersigned by the Buyer and the driver delivering the goods, who shall also record the quantity delivered on both copies.
If goods are to be returned the Buyer must request an uplift in writing via website within 24 hours of receipt, giving notice to the Seller that the goods (or any part thereof) will be ready for collection, the Seller will arrange for collection on the next available order delivery. The Seller requests that the goods must be returned in the original packaging or packaging of a similar nature for goods with manufacturing faults eg bubble wrap and cardboard.
All items to be returned must be packaged in original packaging and ready for uplift when the driver arrives at your business premises. Drivers will refuse to uplift any items that are deemed to be inadequately packaged.
Only two separate attempts will be made to uplift the items. If the items are still not available your uplift request will be cancelled and no credit will be issued.
All returned goods are subjected to a full Quality Control inspection before any decision regarding refund is made. Maine has the final say on whether an item is defective or not. The value of the refund issued to the Buyer is at the Sellers discretion and each case will be considered on its own merit. When the decision to refund has been made a Credit Note will be issued on your Maine trade account for use against future purchases. Cash refunds will not be given.


All orders must be cancelled in writing via email. Orders can only be cancelled prior to despatch. Once the items have left Maine, full delivery and returns costs will be incurred.
The Buyer will also be charged a 20% restocking charge for any items returned to stock at the Buyers request.

Pricing Policy

Our pricelist shows an MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price), from which discounts are offered for trade customers. This is a guide only, issued to support your marketing efforts. These discounts allow our customers to achieve extremely lucrative profit margins.

Selling at or above the MSRP enables our brand to retain its exclusivity and perceived quality.

If we feel that the brand is being devalued by the selling of our products substantially beneath the MSRP, we may withdraw the Buyer's trade account facilities and privileges. 

Internet Selling

The Seller can provide Photographic material for the use with the buyers marketing literature.
The Buyer MUST NOT use the Sellers product / item codes or barcodes for their own Internet marketing purposes under any circumstances.
The Buyers products must not be searchable by product code or barcode through any major search engines.
All Maine customer account holders must have their contact phone number and full postal address clearly visible on their website.
Maine strictly does not permit any Buyer/Retailer to advertise, promote or sell any of its products on eBay, Amazon, etsy, tesco, Google Shopping or other Multi Retailer selling websites and Social Media sites. Whilst Social media sites can be used for advertising in terms of imagery of product, selling through these platforms is not permitted. Accounts found to be using these websites will have their trading terms revoked and their Maine trade account closed.
Maine currently restricts the number of Website only sellers retailing its products. New applications from customers without retail premises which are open to the public, may be refused a Maine trade account.

Maine Furniture Co Branding

Whilst the 'Maine' brand is very strong, use of the brand name in conjunction with marketing or selling our products is prohibited without prior written consent from the Seller. 

In circumstances where utilising the brand (for example in bricks and mortar outlets) name and imagery is beneficial to the Buyer, we may consider allowing use of logo's, literature and brand reference. Otherwise, goods are supplied unbranded for generic and general resale, which is how we request that they are marketed and sold.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply, and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations. 

General Information

Unless, otherwise agreed in writing by the seller, these conditions supersede any earlier conditions appearing in the seller's catalogue or elsewhere and override any terms and conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the buyer, whether in the order or in any negotiations and all guarantees, warranties or conditions (including any conditions as to quality or fitness for particular purpose) whether express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded and hereby negated (save where such exclusions are prohibited by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977).
All Drawings, photographs, illustrations, specifications, performance data, dimensions, weights and the like, whether contained in the contract or made by way of representation, have been provided by the Seller in the belief that they are as accurate as reasonably possible, but they do not constitute a description of the goods, shall not be taken to be representations made by the Seller, and are not warranted to be accurate.
The sellers employees and agents have no authority to make any representation, statement or report not contained in or incorporated into the quotation by the seller and the seller shall not be bound by any unauthorised representation, statement or report if the seller adopts any changes in construction, design or specification of its products, the buyer shall accept the product so changed in fulfilment of the order.
Contracts are not subject to cancellation without the Seller’s written consent. Where cancellation is accepted, the Seller shall in addition to any express terms of cancellation be entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred by the seller in connection with the contract.
Under no circumstance shall the seller be liable to the buyer for loss of profits or economic loss. The goods shall be at the buyer's risk from the time of delivery to the buyer's premises or to such other premises notified to the seller on the order.
(a). The goods and any other goods delivered by the seller to the buyer shall remain the sole and absolute property of the seller as legal and equitable owner until such time as all money due to the seller has been paid to the seller.
(b). The buyer acknowledges that they are in possession of all such goods as bailee for the seller until such time as they become the property of the seller under paragraph 23(a) above.
(c). Until the goods become the property of the buyer, the buyer undertakes to store such goods on their own premises separately from their own goods or those of any other person and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as the sellers goods.
(d). The buyers rights to possession of such goods shall cease if they do anything or fail to do anything which would entitle a receiver to take possession of their assets or which would entitle any person to present a petition for the winding up or bankruptcy of the buyer.
(e). The seller may for the purpose of examination or recovery of their goods enter upon any premises where they are stored or where they are reasonably thought to be stored.
(f). In the event that the buyer purports to sell all or part of such goods before the property therein passes to the buyer the entire proceeds of such purported sale shall be held in trust for the seller and shall not be mingled with any other money or paid into any overdrawn bank account and shall at all times be identifiable as the seller's money.
(g). The buyer warrants that they are not at the time of entering into this agreement insolvent, and knows of no circumstances which would entitle any creditor to appoint a receiver or to petition for winding-up or bankruptcy or to exercise any other rights over or against their assets.
(h). All Items sold are intended for domestic use. We cannot accept responsibility if used for contract/commercial purposes.
(i). The Sellers liability ends with the sale of the product to The Buyer. 

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales
Note: The Seller’s prices are calculated on the basis that the above Conditions apply. Buyers requiring prices to be quoted on a different basis should inform the Seller.
These terms and conditions only apply to buyers who deal directly with the Seller and not Buyers purchasing through agents or distributors.